Twin facts

  1. There are 126 million multiples (twins, triplets, quads+) in the world – and we thought we were special!
  2. The word twin is probably derived from an ancient German word twine, which means `two together’
  3. 1 in every 32 children born is a twin.
  4. The twinning rate has increased by 50% in the last 20 years.
  5. Identical twins occur in 1 in every 285 births.
  6. Twins have been known to develope their own language that only they understand. This ‘twintalk’ is called crytophasia or idioglossia.
  7. 22% of twins are left handed.
  8. The chances of identical twins surpassing the age of 100 is 1 in 700 million.
  9. There are approximately 12500 twins born in the UK each year.
  10. There is estimated to be 10 million monozygotic (identical) twins in the world.
  11. The average weight of twins at birth is 5.5lbs
  12. The average weight gain when carrying twins is 35-50lbs
  13. 70% of twins are fraternal and 30% are identical
  14. Identical twins share DNA but have different fingerprints
  15. It is possible for twins to have different fathers – heteropaternal superfecundation – occurs when a woman has sex with more than one man during ovulation.
  16. Twin pregnancy is considered full-term at 37 weeks
  17. Identical twins have almost identical brainwave patterns
  18. Boy/Girl twins cannot be identical
  19. The odds of conceiving twins increases in women over 30
  20. About 1/3 of all identical twins are ‘mirror-image’ twins
  21. Mothers of twins tend to live longer than Mums without twins
  22. China has the lowest rate for multiple births averaging 1 in 300
  23. A study shows vegans are five times less likely to have twins than women who consume dairy
  24. Tall women are more likely to have twins
  25. Mums who are breasfeeding when they get pregnant are nine times more likely to have twins than those who aren’t

What are the worst things you can say to a Mother of Twins ?

  1. Are they natural ?
  2. Are they identical to g/b twins ?
  3. You have a ready made family now ?
  4. I have children 12months apart that is like having twins !
  5. Did you plan on having twins ?
  6. Oh that’s not like having twins to g/b twins !
  7. Which one is best ?
  8. Can you tell them apart ?
  9. Wow you are going to get so big !
  10. Oh twins must be so easy they have a built in playmate.

The following list was compiled by our facebook fans – thanks for the input !

  1. B/g twins….oh are they identical ? Don’t they look alike……
  2. Oh Double Trouble……..
  3. How will you cope ?
  4. You have your hands full.
  5. Rather you than me !
  6. After stating they are identical – then asking if they are the same age ?
  7. Oh buy one get one free !
  8. Are you sure they are identical ?
  9. Are they IVF ?
  10. I don’t know you how you are still sane.
  11. Are they twins ?
  12. Your a double yoker !
  13. Aw I wish I had twins…..
  14. Oh my gosh you guys are brave….
  15. Are they all yours ?
  16. It’s not fair you have twins and my daughter can’t have children……
  17. The French call fraternal twins Frat twins which means false twins…………
  18. Which one is your favourite ?

The Most Useful Items for Mothers of Twins: